About Gold Wings Aviation



Gold Wings Aviation was established in 1979. The company is engaged in the business of selling aircrafts, aircraft components, avionics, spare parts and ground support equipment; and providing high quality aircraft maintenance and repair services.

Gold Wings Aviation is a holder of an Aircraft Material Distribution Certificate from the Air Transportation Office (ATO), the government regulatory body for air transport and all allied services, which authorizes it to engage in the marketing of aircraft materials and spare parts.

Gold Wings Aviation has succeeded in expanding its international network of aircraft manufacturers and distributors, components and spare parts suppliers. It is presently maintaining tie-ups, dealership and exclusive agency agreements with the most reputable and reliable aircraft, avionics, aircraft components and spare parts manufacturers in the United States, England, Canada, Asia, Australia and Europe.

31 years... of committed golden quality services... together, our goal is in keeping your aircraft where they belong, and that is... safe in the sky!